i wish so badly that i had a photo or video clip to flash at you here, but i forgot that my boy had taken the camera out of my bag and to work, so a verbal image will have to do. this one is barely a recuerdo, but also one i don't want to soon forget. it was christian's last day on track at school today, and i had promised him that he could perform some dance moves during my rotation as a sort of going away celebration, since he was the only one tracking off. that was on monday. on tuesday he stopped me between classes to say he had changed his mind and wasn't going to do it. then today he was back on. and it was beautiful! not quite literacy enhancing, but well-deserved by the youngsters and well-worth the break. the kids were literally rapt as he improvised moves to beat it for a full three minutes! some of us simply could not contain an elated smile and others unwittingly imitated his movements as he jerked subtly to and fro à la michael jackson.

at the end of the day i took up post watching the silhouettes of parents leaving with their progeny, and relishing the sight of weary field-working mothers gingerly slinging their children's backpacks on their own backs and physically challenged fathers grasping unwieldy, leapard-print clad hands. when christian's turn came i took a mental shot of his distinctly broad, baby-toothed grin and freshly shaven head as he waved goodbye. i can only hope that i have the pleasure to be graced by his contagious smile and sweet moves again someday.


my nana.
i always loved
to play dress up
with her avon
charm necklace.


thinking of you guatemala
clothing drives and bus rides


not at all comprehensive
/stumbled upon this list of to-dos before i die


collages from the pre-union year.

jon made them (and some others) lovely frames from scraps of raw wood while i was out of town last weekend.


just reminiscing about that sweaty summer in new york and this lavish swathe of hair:

oh, and that adorable lopsided grin! i'm getting the shivers...


this is probably one of my favorite fotos ever. of my first nephew ever. he has always been on cute overload. as you can tell. this is from 2005. it's the beginning of a series of recuerdos...images that bring back memories. i will hopefully be posting more, even though some of my best fotos have been tragically lost. this may wax disgustingly nostalgic at times, but i'm willing to indulge myself, mostly for my own sake. we all know that no one reads this and i don't plan on broadcasting the existence of this blog, either. so that's that. here we go...


baby got (her face) back

so, i've abandoned all anti-blahg sentiments and am steering this blog's course in the "all about me and my life" direction again for a post. i got so sick of writing about myself and all the blah blah goings on of my life (that was after only a month of blogging), but am gaining momentum towards other, yet-to-be-revealed blog movements.

now, a little self-indulgence:

for approximately 6 days, i've had urges to shout about a fortuituous visit to a dr. stone last week. two years ago, i moved back from guatemala and noticed a small bump on my cheek, which i assumed was nothing but a "blemish," as my mom so kindly would call it. after a while i started imaging a tiny, parasitic worm with a jiminy cricket face popping out and announcing it's true identity. but the bump persisted for two years, despite visits to the doctor, consultations with family in the medical field, and even a brief stint with a grey-toothed hungarian aesthetician. i was diagnosed with scar tissue, a "pearl," and acne, among other things. the truth came out when i saw dr. stone: it was a cyst that would continue to grow until competition with my nose for space on my face made it impossible for them to co-exist! so i had it removed! i have one baby stitch, the only one i've had in my entire, cautious, tip-toeing existence, and am sporting a skin-toned band-aid that matches my coloring to perfection! i joke. but it has seriously been liberating just to imagine my face without a pronounced nodule beckoning stares and cringes. my nephew even used a chuckie cheese sticker to copy my "ouchie" and though my mom lamented that i would lose any connection to the likeness of cindy crawford if i had it removed, she later admitted that it had seemed to be growing at an alarming rate and was HUGE the last time she saw me. i finally have my face back! fun for all!



i wish more people were.